Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day I Have No Idea How Long I've Been Suffering But It's Too Damn Long

Stupid Kindle wouldn't let me make an actual post earlier, so here we go. 

Seems like today's been a good day.  Have I reached the summit already?  I think I'm a week in.  It feels like longer.  Sometimes I forget to breathe.  The brain-zaps are fewer, but they've been upgraded.  It's like my head is a Star Wars movie.  Gah.  Now I get the electroshock feeling, but when it happens, it's also like I'm standing inside a massive church bell and someone just whacked the outside with a hammer.  Sound effect would be GONNNN[bzzt]GGGGGGGGGG.  It's bizarre, annoying, and something I totally just lost my train of thought again.

But there were actual moments today, real, long moments, that lasted longer than a breath or two, where I felt like a human being again.  I was even able to read my baby bear a bedtime story (three times! I might have considered more, but we were getting too close to bedtime and he has school in the morning).  I read How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? to him.  Adorable story.  He loved the dinosaurs and all the silly things they were doing.  I'm going to have to buy him all of those books.  I won't be able to resist. 

The highlight of the day was the fact that I felt well enough to play WoW.  This whole week I was so dizzy and sick I couldn't go near the game because I felt immediately like puking practically before I finished loading it.  So the fact that I ran DM twice to pick up lowbie gear to put in the guild vault is really a testament to how much of an improvement I've made in just the last twenty-four hours.

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