Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruby is Max's Mom, Duh

It's so obvious, everyone's always, where are their parents? Why is no-one watching these two bunnychildren?  But, duh, idiots.  Ruby is Max's mother!  Have you seen how much makeup she wears when she puts some on?  She is clearly a prostitute.  I bet that Mr. Piazza is the father.

I need to watch something other than preschool shows.  They're warping my mind.

Withdrawal's going okay for now.  Feeling so-so.  Brain zaps are mostly gone, no other bad symptoms. Just having trouble staying focused, and a little tired, but that could also be attributed to the other problem I'm having.  Biliary Dyskinesia.  Basically, my gallbladder is bad, which runs in my family.  So usually they do an ultrasound and they can see the gallstones blocking up the bile ducts and causing pain and whatnot.  Well, they couldn't see anything wrong.  SO they pat me on the head, send me on my way; this has been going on for 3 years now.  Started off when i was preggers with the little one, my Mogwai.  Something about all the hormones produced during pregnancy hating your gallbladder. I guess it's rather common to get gallstones then.  So I tell the OB about the excruciating pain (bad enough I was sure I was dying on a weekly basis).  He pats me on the head, sends me on my way.  Silly female, you have a vagina so you're obviously mistaken about this pain!
I bring it up at every followup appointment, finally he agrees to do some testing, though it's a waste of time because 1) biliary dyskinesia doesn't show up on an ultrasound and 2) there's nothing that can be done while the baby is still being assembled because we don't want to risk harming it.

Long story short, three years later, I finally complained enough that a doctor listened to me instead of shuffling me off to someone else or telling me I didn't know what i was talking about.  So now they're going to go in and poke around at everything.

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